The Five Key Advantages You’ll Get From Film School

Some people will argue that film school isn’t necessary to find success in the film industry. While it may be true that some of the greats never attended film school, industry titans like Terry Gilliam, Stanley Kubrick, Quentin Tarantino, and Steven Spielberg all got their start in film school. This post will explore why it’s likely a good idea for you to attend film school.

Film is a Communal Craft

And by this, we mean that filmmaking as an art form can not be performed in the way that writing or drawing can be achieved by a single person. Or, at least, when you’re not alone it’s a little simpler and there’s no better place to get to know people who practice the art than at the film school. In any successful film project, teamwork is important, and it is through film school that you can increase your chances of finding people to work with.

Networking, Networking, Networking

Leading smoothly from above, those attending film school must eventually create close bonds with those in the industry seeking to advance. The connections that you make while studying also play a greater role in your career after graduation, and while creating a list of solid contacts as a filmmaker does not automatically compensate for weak skills, having both talent and contacts will pay dividends.

Access to Industry Standard Equipment

Even a non-professional, non-student filmmaker with the world’s greatest will may be limited to producing the best film possible for one reason: technology.
Filming equipment can be a major entry barrier considering that not everyone has $20,000 cameras and advanced editing suites in their homes. At Genius Quest that is not the case, you’ll have access to just about everything you need to breathe life into your ideas.

Stand Out Above the Rest

Anything that helps to put you one step ahead of the competition in an industry as cutthroat as entertainment is worth its weight in gold. Getting a degree from a renowned film school can be immensely valuable, provided that your portfolio is usually the one and only shot you’ll get at making a lasting impression.

Clearing the Fog

The art of making movies is so complex and so multifaceted that feeling overwhelmed is a perfectly natural answer to starting out (or even if you’re years into your career). Being surrounded by like-minded individuals in an atmosphere managed by others who have been there, done so will help you find out how to proceed best. Leave no doubt about it: filmmaking is a maze in which, without a sign post or two, it is easy to get lost.

The Next Step

If you haven’t yet mastered filmmaking and feel that attending a film school will help you develop as a filmmaker while accelerating the achieving of your goals, then the answer is yes, you should attend film school. To get started, talk to our live chat!

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